Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Source

We set off for town to pick up some fresh fruit and the daily catch. A short bus ride later, we were bartering for goods that had arrived earlier that morning from Dominica.

Our agenda was to hike The Source- a trail which follows the pipeline bringing fresh water from the spring high upon Mt. Nevis. Starting at the Golden Rock Plantation, the trail climbs through neighborhoods and turns into steep singletrack.

Somewhere below the trail continues. Deep in the rainforest this was no place to take any risks, as I'm sure the locals wouldn't be too enthusiastic about rescuing some gringos.

We had built up quite an appetite after our hike and it was time to prepare the day's catch. Libby haggled with the fisherman for the large fish with a series of hand jestures and nods while the smaller ones were given to us for free.

Tropical fish, plantains, jambalya spiced rice, veggies and a cold Carib to wash it all down.