Sunday, May 25, 2008

Riding with Dad

It's not every day you get to ride with your dad. That being said I take advantage when ever he's in town. Looking back, it was my dad who introduced me to what I know consider an afinity for bikes. From my old bmx days to waking at 4am to drive me to out of town races, tearing down single track in Idaho and the local weekend road ride, Dad's been there for me.

School's out and it's 6am on Sunday. No cars in sight.

Met up with dad on the road.

Thanks for the draft!

Hey, are you guys riding too?

Food for thought...

Stone House x 2

A low pressure front moved through parts of the Southwest, bringing a tornado to Denver, CO, cancelling the Iron Horse Classic in Durango due to snow, snow falling in Flagstaff and rain in Tucson with plenty of clouds and cooler temps. Spiker and I headed to Tucson Mountain Park to enjoy the weather. Just earlier this week it was 101 degrees! Global weirding?
CDO trail to the first stone house, over to the newer 36th Street trails and the second stone house, back into Starr Pass basin, up CDO to benchcut, around the bend to some lesser known trails. Fine time to be on the bike.

What's with the clouds? This is May, right?

And then we ride over there...

Second stone house above 36th street trails

Stairway to heaven
This time next week I'll be sitting on a beach in the Carribean