Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kentucky Camp

Sean, Jeffro, Chris and I headed south to Kentucky Camp for what would be the last time to ride this trail before the heat takes full effect. A short drive from Tucson, the landscape quickly changes to rolling hills and grasslands while offering another view of Mt. Wrightson. With several leg burning climbs and a little altitude thrown in, it would be quite an adventure on the single speed. The GPS data; 26.4 miles with 3,163 ft. of total climbing and topping out at just over 6,902 ft. However, my legs and body tell another tale; I swear that seemed closer to 40 miles!

So, you work for Exxon, huh?

Are you experienced?

You gunna eat that?

Time for a soak in the shade

My dogs are barking!

The Kentucky Camp

Proper! Until next year...

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