Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wedding Day

Rubbing elbows with New York socialites, District Attorneys, a former CNN anchorman and writer for The Rolling Stone, and a foxy DJ flow in from NYC, we knew this wedding wouldn't disappoint

The Four Seasons

The ceremony took place at Cottle Church, which was built in 1824 on Thomas Cottle's plantation as a place where his family and slaves could worship together. Cottle church was one of the first Angilic churches where interracial prayer was encourged.

Rico Suave!

And then it started to rain. No worries as it's great to be blessed on your wedding day.

I present to you our DJ, Sky Nellar. Oh yeah, she used to model too. Meow kitty

You know the wedding's a hit when you're diving in bushes at the Four Seasons! Hey honey, how's the hip?

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