Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gooseberry Mesa, Utah

After much discussion and a dose of beratement, it was decided that we'd head to Southern Utah for a weekend of riding. Gary, Devo, Salty Bahti, Spiker, Jeffro, Josh 'The Prick', guest appearance by KYLE!!! and self decsended upon Gooseberry Mesa. 5 rides in 3 days and a combination plate of some of the finest riding the area had to offer.

"What chu lookin at, holmes?"

We have arrived!

Not a bad view.

To the north, the palacial high rise, and to the south, shanty town. Nice lean-to boys!

"Can I get an official ruling on that?"

Crew Leader Cooper-
"And then, we'll ride over c'here"

Shortly after this picture was taken, Cooper decided it would be best to crush his beer can with his Sidi. After two failed attempts, upon his third try the beer can shot off the cliff. Smooth move! See any reflective objects in the pic below, just under the ridge?

Day Two

It's a looong way down
Day Three

Hey, Josh, nice headbadge. Who dunnit?

The gate into Zion. No riding in them thar hills, boys.

Yuri doing his best cougar immitation

Slickrock Swamp


Later that afternoon, Cooper puts on a clinic.
"Who's got a dime? Eh? Watch me shoot this dime!"

Yeehaw, Bucky Bronco!

The requisite "Gid owda mah N'yeh!"

Heeeey, ladies. They call me the Prick.

Back to reality and the rat race...

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