Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dropin' the Lemmon

With several guys coming down from Phoenix, a group ride was in order. The temps were still too warm to ride down low so Lemmon was the venue. Twelve of us would make the run from the top down to Molino Basin. Two flats less than 20 minutes into the ride were later parlayed into 1 torn pair of shorts, one daring Sadcow who cut the ass out of Dane's shorts, two gents riding thru and/or stepping in human feces in the middle of the trail, one run over snake and one very patient rattler.

Nice of you to join us, Senior Basura!

Count 'em...12 riders

Trail Junction: Carter Canyon Trail: Circa 1880's

Trail Steward Cooper demonstrates the importance of a properly irrigated tree


How's that saladito taste, Todd?

"Riding all this singletrack sure gives me wood!"

How it all went down: 'Get Owda Mah N'Yah!'

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