Friday, June 27, 2008

Asking the Question

Our second cottage was well-positioned up the street from the botanical gardens. We started the morning off with with our staple of fresh fruits, juice and cakebread and headed out. Today would be the day where I forged a new life with Lysbeth and I couldn't be happier...or any more nervous!

The Botanical Gardens

Where I asked, and she said yes!

Off to celebrate.

Just a slight walk downhill, where we caught a ride with a priest who had moved to Nevis as part of his mission. One stop by the jail to drop off fresh fruits from his garden and soon we arrived at
Sunshine's Bar and Grill. Mt. Nevis in the background.

The Neighborhood

We packed our things and headed to our second cottage for the week. This time we would relocate to a more densely populated area of the island, and further up the mountain. Here is a view of the main house looking on from our cottage.

Our humble abode. The ocean is visible in the distance.

Wild goats, monkeys and donkeys inhabit the island, roaming free.

After settling in we were off to see our new neighborhood. We stopped by The Hermitage Plantation for drinks and dinner.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wedding Day

Rubbing elbows with New York socialites, District Attorneys, a former CNN anchorman and writer for The Rolling Stone, and a foxy DJ flow in from NYC, we knew this wedding wouldn't disappoint

The Four Seasons

The ceremony took place at Cottle Church, which was built in 1824 on Thomas Cottle's plantation as a place where his family and slaves could worship together. Cottle church was one of the first Angilic churches where interracial prayer was encourged.

Rico Suave!

And then it started to rain. No worries as it's great to be blessed on your wedding day.

I present to you our DJ, Sky Nellar. Oh yeah, she used to model too. Meow kitty

You know the wedding's a hit when you're diving in bushes at the Four Seasons! Hey honey, how's the hip?

St. Kitts & Nevis, West Indies

Libby and I were off to the Caribbean for a wedding and decided to extend our stay. After all we both could use a vacation. Tucson-Dallas-Jacksonville overnight-Miami-St. Kitts and then a short ferry ride to Nevis, West Indies. Whew, we're there!

Quick taxi ride to the docks

Time for my first Carib!

Uh-oh, it's the fuzz

Everything on an island needs to be brought in, of course.
Packed in with the goods on a ferry trip to Nevis

Our first cottage

View from the deck

Then off down the beach

Nevisian breakfast of fresh pine, fruitcakes and sour sop juice