Monday, March 23, 2009

TMP Oddities

Had some time on my hands so Matt, Brendan and I ventured out to Tucson Mountain Park to explore. Left the house at 7:45am and didn't come home 'til 5pm. Another good day on the bike.

Quick stop at Cafe Paraiso and then off to Starr Pass.

Ducked under Ajo Road and headed to the new Robles Trails.

More tunnels.

Hmm, we need to be on the other side of this fence...

Made our way over to the boy scout camp for lunch.

Matt realized that he was low on water and climbing Golden Gate wouldn't be a good idea, so we pedaled to a nearby Circle K.

Circle K number 1.

Oh, so it's going to be one of those kinds of rides.

Almost at the top of Golden Gate looking back where we came from.

Beer Stop!

Matt determined to make the empty can fit into his pack.

Circle K number 2 and time for more beers. After all, it was on our way to more trail.

Still raining back in town, and hey, I have one more beer in my pack...

I've ridden TMP for years and never knew about this rock wall/dam, nor the single track leading you there.

We rode out 36th St. and headed for more dirt. Riding thru an open gate led to some washes, some random desert trails, a stint in the ghetto and more washes.

Riding thru this random storm drain/wash led us to a catwalk. Some guy leaned over the fence upon hearing us below and recognized Matt. Wha?

Turns out the guy was instrumental in building/developing the Robles Trails and led us thru his property to more washes!

We popped out by the Pima County jail and took the Santa Cruz river path back to town.

Then on Sunday Libby and I headed out to the Pistol Hill section of the AZ Trail where we met up with my Dad and Spiker.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

South Lake Debauchery

Thirteen descended upon South Lake Tahoe for several days of alcohol induced shenanigans and skiing. From San Diego to as far east as NYC and Boston, my bro's came to send me off in style.

Valet shuttle service in the Lincoln Towncar. Sure those ski bags will fit...

With nearly a foot of fresh in the past 24 hours, Sierra was a wise choice!

Peops didn't start arriving until the next afternoon.
These boys mean business, getting started prior to 8am.

Later that night...

Quail egg shooter. Mmmm!

3am breakfast at the casino, this guy was about to fall out of his chair.

4am shenanigans. Thanks fellas!

7:45am roll call

Hey, whatcha drinking Senior Basura? You should feel pretty good after going to bed at 8:30pm last night.

Who's flying this plane?


"Yeah, just another 15 minute hike over that ridge."

BIG THANK YOU to Jason for playing tour guide and showing us all that Kirkwood had to offer!

Heeey, nice Bogner one piece!

It would be rather tough considering that's a T-bar.

More hiking...

Ah yes, Guido Von Schlesser was there, too!

This fellow was wearing what appeared to be a 3/2mm wetsuit with a net shirt buttoned over it. For close to 30 minutes (per Walker standards) he pointed to the slopes. NOICE!

After Trashy serenaded the Argentinian girls, "don't cry for me Argentina!" they apparently didn't want any 99 Bananas.

A store downstairs in the hotel. Best mannequins I've ever seen.

The 'ol ball and chain. Special treat wearing this to dinner!

Heavenly was rather a yawn. Plus the hordes of skiers didn't help matters.

Ah yes, the place where the Tahitian diver from the Steal A Wish Foundation pocketed coins from the fountain.

I consider it a great success; no one spent the night behind bars and no one lost their shirt at the casino.
Thanks boys!