Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hurricane Sized Hangover

Jeff, Sean and I headed out to 50 Year to find some new lines. After two days of steady rain, the trails were nice and tacky and the slickrock was dry. To our surprise we were the only riders out there.

8:00am doorbell interrupted my drunken slumber. A quick tabulation in my head of prior evening's consumption failed to elicit the true culprit of my inebriation. That is until I stepped into the kitchen and saw this starring back at me. Damn! Apparently, it seemed like a good idea to throw down some Hurricane rum around midnight.

Riding up Middle Gate we noticed a new trail. Was it a cattle track or recently tamped down singletrack? Our suspicions were confirmed and we were awarded with some very technical trail.

Accountabilabuddy required here. Don't fall in the crack.

Trashy doing a little dance on the catwalk.

Jeff shows us another line.

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