Sunday, February 22, 2009

10th Annual 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo

Sweet Ride!

Yuri on the Le Mans start.

Katie remarking, "Yeah, we'll kick some ass."

Chris Walker's stunt double.

The Woods' came out to cheer with their 'lil bruiser, Ryan.

Siren Cycles

Brendan had a pretty nice display of bikes.

Katie's new single speed on display.

Libby feeling good after her first lap.

Where we met five years ago. Somewhat of an anniversary.

Plus, it was Valentine's Day. The little lady outdid herself with the cake.

Hey, what's on tv?

Team Hosie Cow had the beer flowing through the night.

Special camp guest; Dave the Gnome.

Some other gnome...

Chris Walker's stunt double being welcomed back to town after an evening lap.

1:30am. Frazzled after riding 3/4 of the course without a light. Following wheels thru cactus-lined trail tests the nerves.

Free Vodka!
Saw this guy before I went out on my last lap. I decided to stop for my free vodka and consumed half a cup. Needless to say, I was drunk by the time I rode WAHOO rock.

Katie and team won the women's 4 person and beat team Luna Chicks.

Team Pussy Power.

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sirenbicycles said...

Wow, after browsing your pics I feel like I missed the whole thing! Well, except a few in the middle... I know those bikes pretty well.

Good times.