Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thanks for playing!

What started out looking like a great morning for a ride soon soured with the greeting of "anyone got a spare seat clamp bolt?" WTF, mate?

Technically, it was four things.

Nathan drilled out the stripped bolt and rigged Walker something special.

1. Seat clamp bolt.
2. Valve stem torn off inner tube.
3. After bummin a spare tube, tear in tire sidewall becomes apparent upon inflation.
4. Freshly bummed tube punctures, thus ending Walker's day before he even clipped in.

DEAN. Don't Expect Anything but Neglect.

"Hey, did you check that tire for thorns?"

Looks like we weren't the only ones having fun in the parking lot.

Screw you guys. Going home.

JePh dropping in.

1 comment:

Garrett said...

Nice site, nice photos...I've seen this story play out before.

Walker...what can you say about Walker??