Sunday, January 17, 2010

Worm Hole Time Continuum

And just like that, a decade has passed. I'm still trying to fathom where the time has gone. That was 10 years, yet it seemed like just yesterday I was an undergrad meandering through school, enjoying life with few cares in the world. From dreams of becoming a climbing guide, yearning to drop off the radar and chase ski town life, what I previously loathed I became; Corporate. Risk management, compliance, power lunches, staff development, mitigation, synergy and legal. Just keep passing the cake, Milton...Now, after heeding my parent's wishes, and thoroughly understanding the necessity for new challenges and continuing my education, I embark on a new adventure. Welcome to the Eller MBA, where the next 18 months will be spent immersed in study.

Before my program of higher education commenced, Libby and I headed to the Chiricahua Mountains to ring in the new year.

Yeah, no hang gliders!

I love the dutch oven!

Ring-tail cat

With temps dropping into the low teens in Cold Canyon, the dogs headed to bed a little early.

Everything but the kitchen sink!

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