Monday, February 15, 2010

Dude's Week VII

Close to 7 years ago a bunch of friends banded together during a winter retreat from college classes and Dude's Week was conceived. In the past Colorado has hosted the annual Dude's Week activities stretching from Keystone, Crested Butte to Pagosa Springs. A consensus was reached to step outside our boundaries and see what Park City, Utah had to offer. Behold, the 7th Annual Dude's Week!

Our Mormon ski challet

When pulling into the garage, it would behoove the vehicle operator to look before running over pairs of skis sprawled on the floor. Thanks Doster!

Over the past years nicknames were earned for better or for worse. What better way to commemorate Dude's Week than with a shirt and your nickname emblazoned on the back for all to see!

Time to drink up!

Dude's Week wouldn't be complete without 99 Bananas!

Getting 13 dude's together is akin to herding cats.

Day Two:

Jupiter Bowl, Park City

In anticipation of the evening's festivities, Noah got his hair done up real fancy like!

And then Colonel Mustard decided to make a guest appearance.

"Did you know turtle necks are making a comeback? Guess what my coat's made out of!"

Up in the VIP

"This better not be 2.3%!"

Fist pumpin' like champs!


Dancing Queen doing what he does best...DANCE!

Dude's Week recipe #74...
Step 1. Add copious amounts of alcohol.

Step 2. Get on the table.

Step 3. Dance your a$$ off.

Step 4. Shake it. A lot.

Step 5. Like white on rice, the women flock to Colonel Mustard. WTF???

Michael Michael Motorcycle dreaming about embroidered leather saddle bags on his Harley...

She works hard for her money

Bottoms up and then it was back to the dude challet for a game of caps.

Discussing strategy

Some people had a little too much fun.
"You know Flynny, as a rule of thumb when you're on the bridge at Treasure Island in Las Vegas..."

And just like that, the 7th Annual Dude's Week came to a close. Park City was a great time, despite their strange liquor laws, warm beer, side cars and the LDS. The trip wasn't even over yet and we're already making plans for the 8th Annual trip. Nice work Dudes!

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