Monday, February 22, 2010

The Big Apple

Off to NYC for Libby's brother's wedding. Just a quick trip to visit their new home and we were treated to some nice weather. Stayed in Tribeca at the Smyth Hotel; a little swanky hip hotel on the strip.

Custom paint job.

At the Houston airport this cart broke down right in front of the gate with a blown front tire. Thing was just abandoned there, forcing passengers to walk all around it. Call AAA.

Wedding day at The City Court.

You know, the best time to buy your wedding ring is only moments before exchanging vows. Good thing City Court had a wedding gift shop!

The wedding party.

Pontificating life...just turned 30, baby on the way and now getting married.

The peanut gallery.

Husband and wife.

Libby and her brother Jay.

Hit up the Museum of Modern Art to get cultured and stuff.

Nothing like seeing some exhibits with a thousand of your closest friends!

Snapshot of airliner flight pattern over the continental US.

In an effort to capture the once ever-elusive hipster in its native environment, I donned some urban camo of my own to blend in. Converse Chucks!

An essential component to any hipster wardrobe are some tight pants. Preferably, the tighter the better. Acid washed always works. Also, take note of this urbanite's rolled down high top Converse. Apparently, this technique is applied when the feet get a little warm.

Here, this urbanite hipster is taking in a bit of culture whilst wearing his baby sister's pants. Upon closer inspection, the standard issue hipster carabiner key chain is noticeable clipped into waist band.

Here we have a fine specimen displaying the cornucopia that is the hipster wardrobe. One part 80's vintage neon garb, one part child's backpack, throw in a knitted scarf from grandma, some leggings and a pair of neon high-tops and you've got a recipe for success!

You're not the only one shooting a hipster documentary!

Yard Sale!

Hey, nice suspenders...wait a second...that's just a sweater!

The hipster's choice for mode of transportation...fixed gear with an eclectic mix of parts akin to their wardrobe.

Here we have Opus the hipster poet, documenting his affection for all things tight and neon.

Hipster standard issue handlebars. Quite the rarity to see two brake levers! A hipster with two brakes on their bike is like having training wheels.

And lastly, Hipster Moving Company.

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